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00-20' warmup/www

20-30' workout prep

30-60' In teams of 3

workout A: max cal row in 25min
workout B: within a 25min time-cap do:

75 DU or 225 SU [A: 225 DU]
75 Box jump/step-up 51/61cm
75 Russian KB Swing 16/24kg [A: KBPS 24/32kg]
75 Push-up (hand release)

50 DU or 150 SU [A: 150 DU]
50 Backsquat 30/50kg [A: 55/80kg]
50 Powerclean 30/50kg [A: 55/80kg]
50 V-up [A: TTB]

Amrap Remaining Time:
30 DU or 90 SU [A: 90 DU]
20 Pull up [A: MU]
10 Snatch 25/40kg [A: 45/70kg]

Comment: One ahtlete is rowing. Out of the other 2 athletes only one athlete is working at a time. Rotate/alternate as needed. By FabianB