Hi b-Sporters!

With the announcement of our new upcoming classes next week, we want to share our excitement with you and inform about what you can expect and gain from our new strength class!
You will be able to improve your technique, get stronger and learn new methods to increase your strength.  
We will mainly focus on compound exercises such as Squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, presses, etc.
Over a 4-week cycle, 3 times a week where you will progress each class.
Ending the 4-week cycle we will have a max out day where we will test your 3RM.
So that means that you MUST be fully committed for at least 8 out of 12 sessions of the 4-week cycle to be able to reach your strength goals!

To make you even more excited, we want to share some of the benefits of strength training and why we choose to introduce this class.

-  Increased muscle strength improves power and endurance.
(Great for crossfitters that want to improve time and load)
-  You enhance the performance of everyday tasks.

-  Boosted metabolism to burn more calories post workouts.
-  Reduce body fat and gain more muscles.
-  Look and feel better.

-  By working the muscle and joints through a full range of motion,
you can improve over all mobility.

-  Strong muscles, tendons and ligaments are less likely to be injured.
-  Increased bone density and strength reduces back and knee pain by building muscles around these areas.

-  Being able to handle stress and challenges more effectively.
-  Better sleep at night.

-  Improve your posture and prevent neck/shoulder/back pain.

-  Increases HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease LDL (Bad cholesterol).
-  Reduces risk of diabetes.
-  Lowers risk of diseases.
-  Lower high blood pressure
-  Prevents osteoporosis by building bone mass.
-  Reduces stress or anxiety.

If you have any questions regarding the strength class or general strength training please feel free to contact me at Umit@b-sport.ch

By Umit Dolen