12´Partner AMRAP

60 Burpees
50 TTB
While partner A works, Partner B is doing Standing Farmer walk.

Finisher: 2-4 min partner palof press. Anti rotation and anti lateral flexion.

Crossfit WOD

Skill/ Strength : Clean complex of
1 power clean
1 hang power clean
1 squat clean
1 hang squat clean

ramp up, 8 min.

WOD: TC 12min, 7 RFT
5 PC
10 Box jump

Light: 15/20 kg, 51/61 cm
Rx: 35 kg/ 50kg,51/61 cm
Ad: 45/ 70 kg, 61/71 cm

by Martina

b-Sport Strength

A1: Front squats
A2: Overhead press
A3: Pullups

4x9 Rep scheme
40 min TC