Power Yoga

Hip mobility (week 2)


Skill / Strength: push press
2x5 then 3x3 then 4x1. start with lighter weights then go up with the weights when the reps get lower. focus on a proper form. groups of 2 or 3.

Conditioning: 8RFT (TC: 18min)
20 cal row
15 push jerk
Teams of 2. 1st member will clean the weight to the front rack position and hold it there. As soon as the barbell is on that position, the 2nd member starts with the row. After he/she finishes the row, 1st member will start with the the push jerks. After the last set, they will change. 1st will row and 2nd is on the front rack hold.

Light: 15/20kg
Rx: 20/35kg
Advanced: 35/50kg

by Louie