Workout 1 announcement

12’ AMRAP with partner
Clean + jerk
CTB pullups

Partners can split the work however they like
One partner working at a time
RX: 40/60kg

Clean + jerk scaling:
1 - 30/50kg
2 - 25/40kg
3 - 20/30kg

CTB scaling:
1 - pullups
2 - red band
3 - green band
4 - black band

Score=total reps completed in 12'

- For each scale you use, you will lose 10% of your score
(For example, If one partner scales the CTB pull-ups to number 1, and the other partner scales the Clean + jerks to number 2 and the CTB pull-ups to number 1 then they will lose a total of 40% of their total score. If they completed 100 reps, then their score is 60.)

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