12´ Amrap
15 KB sumo high pull
6 Wall climbs
10 Boxjump ½ burpee
20 Lateral sandbag pulls

Finisher: 3-5 min Coaches choice finisher.

BSS, 4x8
DL, 4x6
Pushups, 4x8


Skill / Strength: 3-pos paused front squats with increasing weight. 3sec pause at above parallel, parallel and bottom position, stand fast up. 20' to work on technique. Work in groups of 2 or 3.

Conditioning: 10' AMRAP
5 front squats
10 front rack lunge steps
5 hang power cleans

Light: 25/30kg
Rx: 30/45kg
Advanced: 40/60kg

by Louie