Dear bSport Community

Are you still struggling with your handstand or not even close to it? Then this is for you. I have put together a 4-Week Skill Program for the Gymnastics classes to help you evolve a solid handstand, which will start on 09.11.2016 (next Wednesday!). This program is for beginners who don’t know how to enjoy the world upside down, for intermediate athletes, as well as for the monkeys amongst you, which will be challenged with more demanding skill variations.

The program builds up progressively during 4 weeks and shifts the focus every session onto different aspects of the handstand, these are: Balance, Walking, Pressing and wraps up with an assessment week where we put it all together, do a skill check and a gymnastics benchmark WOD.

Below there is a quick overview on how the gymnastics class will be held in future.

  • General Warm-up to mobilize your joints and get your cardiovascular system going (10min)
  • Skill, focuses on movements specific to the skill and is designed in a WOD-like manner (15-20min). The Skill-WOD will arm you with a variety of movements for the battle in the subsequent individual practice time. The Skill-WOD has three modalities: Rx’d work, scaled work and monkey mode.
  • Individual practice time (10min), where you will be coached through aspects of the skill that are giving you a hard time in order to finally overcome them
  • Metabolic Conditioning, as usual to wrap it up you will have a WOD in the end which either consists of two short MetCon’s or a Gymnastics Chipper, both helping you to get good quality sleep and gains

Now you may ask yourself: “Will the program work?“

“This program gives you the gun, but you need to bring the bullets.“

You need to have the right material to load the gun, if you bring NO-bility, a weak core and lack of pressing strength your going to have a hard time because they’re fundamental and can’t be trained or fixed in one session per week. Physiological adaptations of our body need its time and a proper stimulus. Where I’m heading at is that I can help you to craft SOME of your bullets during the sessions but have you ever seen someone winning a (Skill)-war with a bullet a week?

For that here’s a recipe how to craft some of your bullets by yourself and getting ready for Skill-War:

  • Do a daily Pushup session and increase the reps every day, even if it’s just by one rep.
  • Train your core every day by doing planks or hollow rocks
  • Spend some time in the handstand position by doing a handstand against the wall or with elevated feet in a pike position
  • Target your lack of mobility in wrists and shoulders, by choosing one or two mobility drills and holding them for at least 1min

Start crafting your bullets now and let’s fire the guns together in Gymnastics class!