Skill/Strength: squat cleans Pause for 2 sec. at each position, checking to ensure proper positioning.
Pos1: Knees - vertical shins and chest as high as possible
Pos 2: Mid Thigh - chest over the bar, bar close to thighs, weight in mid-foot.
Pos 3: Pockets - should mimic the bottom of the dip on a push press. Vertical torso, bar at hips, weight in mid-foot.
After hitting each position explode up and catch the bar in a full squat.
Do 5x2 sets. between sets, 20sec Handstand hold.

Conditioning: 12min AMRAP
12 lat bar burpee
9 squat cleans

Light: 15/20kg - wall walks
Rx: 25/40kg
Advanced: 35/50kg - deficit

Deload week (use slightly lighter weights this week for recovery)

by Louie