Skill/Strength: max height boxjumps find your highest boxjump. if a normal boxjump is too easy, try seated boxjumps.

Conditioning: 10 rounds, 60sec ON, 30sec OFF
WOD B: AMRAP boxjumps

Alternate between A and B. Form a 2 person team, who will share 1 WB and 1 box.

Objective of this workout is to know, how fast can you regenerate in 30sec. pick a number in your head and try to do those reps everytime.

Light: 3/6kg - 51/61cm
Rx: 6/9kg - 51/61cm
Advanced: 6/9 - 61/76cm

Deload week (use slightly lighter weights than usual this week to recover) 

by Louie