Skill Strength: 5x5 Deadlifts
(go heavy)

Conditioning: 16' EMOM (4 rounds)
8 burpee pull-up
30 squat jumps
12 hollow rock + 12 superman
12m walking OH lunges

CrossFit / CrossFit Express

Skill: 2 wall walk ups followed by 10 shoulder taps, 5 rounds

Conditioning: partner workout, 3 RFT, TC 21’
200 m partner carry (however, best is on the back)
100 air squats
50 push ups
30 pull ups

Light: knee push up, jumping/band pull up

by Martina


Skill: Ring muscle up
Week 1: strength basics

Progression 1: support hold, bottom of dip hold, eagle hang (false grip)
in teams of 2: 10-15sec hold of every position for 3 rounds

Progression 2: chest-to-rings pull-up, dip, 5 reps each for 3 rounds (scale: eccentric reps, jump up, slowly down)

Progression 3: jumping transition with explosive "sit-up"

Conditioning: 15' AMRAP with perfect form
10x box jump
10x push-up
6x 1-leged deck squat 5/10kg plate (L/R alt.)
1x wall walk up (20sec up/20sec down)