CrossFit Express ZNC Morning

Strength - Deadlifts 4x8

Conditioning - 12’ AMRAP
12 KBPS, partner holds bottom of push-up position -> then switch
12 KB goblet squat, partner holds a plank -> then switch
12 pull-up, partner hangs from bar -> then switch

*reps only count when the partner is in position

CrossFit / CrossFit Express

Skill/strength: pull ups
work on your kipping technique or strength.
Inbetween sets do 3 DL @70% of your

Conditioning: Team of 2: 20' AMRAP

10 DL
20 pull ups
30 cal row

Light: 25/40kg - banded
Rx: 50/70kg
Adv: 70/102kg - C2B

by Louie