QuickFit ZNC

Skill - Kipping pullup practice

Conditioning - Partner 20' AMRAP (full round each: you go, I go)
12 air squats
8 pushups
4 pullups

CrossFit / CrossFit Express

Skill/strength: cluster
ramp up to your 5RM

Conditioning: "Death by Clusters" :
(TC: 15')

1st min: 1 cluster
2nd min: 2 clusters
3rd min: 3 clusters
4th min: 4 clusters

If you fail to reach the amount of reps
in the given minute you're done with
clusters. Continue with lat bar
burpees until time runs out. For
example, if you failed to do 9 clusters,
you will do 10 lat bar burppes in the
next round.

Light: 15/20kg
RX: 25/40kg
Advanced: 35/50kg

by Louie


3x4 power cleans

5x3 Back squat (3second pause)
5x4 Barbel strict press
5x4 weighted pull-ups