QuickFit ZNC

Skill - double KB front rack lunges
5x6 each leg

Conditioning - 18' EMOM
a) 8-12 burpees
b) plate overhead hold
c) 12-16 jumping lunges

*start on different stations

CrossFit / CrossFit Express

Skill/strength: front rack hold to
from rack, hold the weight in the
front rack position for 15 seconds,
then do 10 front rack lunges then
re-rack. find your heaviest weight.

Conditioning: Teams of 2 -
in 12' complete:

1k row
50 CTB
max reps front rack lunges in
remaining time

Light: jumping CTB - 15/20kg
RX: 25/40kg
Advanced: 45/60kg

by Louie


20 second Lsit between rings

6x3 Deadlift (no bounce)
4x max reps hand release clapping pushups/regular HR pushups (40seconds max)