QuickFit ZNC

Skill/Strength: KB swing (heavy)

Conditioning: 4x Tabata (20'' work, 10'' rest, 8 rounds)

A: row
B: air squat / pull-up or ring rows alternating
C: burpee box jump
D: KB swing / push-up alternating

1' rest/rotate between Tabatas

CrossFit / CrossFit Express

Skill/strength: strict pull ups
10x3 of strict pull ups. go weighted
if it's too easy for you. don't drop
down from the last set, finish the
rep correctly.

Conditioning: 16' EMOM

30 DU

10 burpee pull ups

Light: 60 SU
Advanced: 60 DU - 5 burpee bar MU

by Louie


3x4 power cleans

5x4 each leg back rack bulgarian split squat
5x6 KB or DB seasaw strict press
5x3 weighted pull-ups (5seconds down)