CrossFit Express ZNC Morning

Skill/Strength - 4x6 Thrusters AHAP or technique 15/20kg (in teams of 2)


Conditioning - 8 RFT of (14' TC)

5 thrusters

7 pullups

30 mountain climbers


Light: 15/20kg, ring rows

RX: 30/45kg

Adv: 40/60kg, CTB


CrossFit / CrossFit Express


Skill/strength: push jerks

work on technique. Hold dip position and

catch/power position for 3sec.


Conditioning: 4RFT (15' TC)

12 TTB

12 push jerks

12 boxjumps


Light: knee raises - 15/20kg - 51cm

RX:  25/40kg - 51/61cm

Advanced: 35/50kg - 61/71cm

by Louie