QuickFit ZNC

Skill - KB push press technique

Conditioning - 4 rounds with a partner (16' TC)
200m waiters walk (1 carries 1 KB OH, switch whenever)
24 ring rows, each
24 KB push press, each

Comment: both work at the same time for RR and PP.

CrossFit / CrossFit Express

Skill/strength: rope climbs work on technique.
Seat on a box and learn how to do the J-Hook.

Conditioning: 10 RFT (15' TC)
1 rope climb
10 burpees
20 DU

Light: 3 rope get ups - 60 SUs
Advanced: 1 legless rope climbs +1 rope climb

by Louie


3x3 hang squat cleans

5x2 Front squat (3seconds down, 3second pause)
5x40 seconds Back extension hold
5x8 Seated KB or DB press