Skill - single arm KB swings (advanced: 3-4 rounds of 8 double KB swings directly followed by 8 double KB front squat)

Conditioning - with a partner do 15' AMRAP
20 1-arm KB swings (10L, 10R, advanced do KB snatches @ 16/24kg)
20 KB goblet squat (10L, 10R)
30 push-up
Both work at the same time, team can only begin next round after all reps are completed.


Skill/Strength: deadlifts
find your 5RM touch and go deadlift

Conditioning: with a partner complete
AMRAP of.. (18' TC)

500m row
12 hang power cleans
12 thrusters
12 burpees to target

Light: 15/20kg
RX: 25/40kg
Adv: 35/50kg

by Louie


4x5 strict TTB with 5second decent

4x6/6 bulgarian split squat (backrack)
4x8 barbell strict press
4x10/10 single arm KB rows