CrossFit Express

Skill/Strength: 6x3 hang power snatch "HPS" (work technique or heavy)

Conditioning: EMOM 18'

1) 10 HPS
2) 30 DU
3) 12 TTB

Light: 15/20kg - 45sec DU practice - 24 knee raises
RX: 20/30kg
Adv: 30/45kg - 60 DU


Skill/Strength: strict press
10x2 - as heavy as possible
look at 27.07.17

Conditioning: for time (TC: 18')

50/60/70/80/90/100 DU
30/25/20/15/10/5 thrusters
5/7/9/11/13/15 muscle ups

Light: x2 SU - 15/20kg - banded pull
ups + box dips
RX: 20/35kg
Adv: 25/43kg

by Louie


Week 2: transitions & core strength

Strict Ring Muscle up work: 
- From the extended dip position complete a SLOW and controlled reverse strict MU, focus on holding the rings tight into the chest on the transition.
- Using the false grip do speed pullups, pull your chest to the rings as fast as possible.
- Try to transition from the pullup into a full strict ring MU (use bands to help if necessary)

1min hanging L-sit
2min Handstand hold
20x Dips

MetCon: 15’ AMRAP
2 ring MU (4 CTB pullups)
5m handstand walk (10 shoulder taps)
12 lunges