4x10 double DB/KB rows
4x4 wall walks

Conditioning: with a partner
2 rounds (15'TC)
30 ring rows (partner holds plate OH)
45 plate GTOH (partner holds plank)
60 lunges with plate (partner rests in a squat)
*switch whenever

Light: 5/10kg
RX: 15/20kg
Adv: 40/55/70 reps


Skill/Strength: strict pull ups
10' EMOM - 4 strict pull ups. Use
bands if necessary.

Conditioning: 15' AMRAP

20 pull ups
20 KB power swings
20 box jump overs

Light: banded - 8/12kg - 51/61cm
RX: 16/24kg - 51/61cm
Adv: 24/32kg - 61/71cm

by Louie


7x2 front squats@85-90%
5x6 double KB/DB presses

accessory: 6x5 broad jumps for max distance
4x10 double KB/DB bent over rows