CrossFit Express

Skill/Strength: power clean+jerk
5x5 ramping up

Conditioning: 4 rounds with a partner (20' TC)

40 WBS
40 clean and jerk

Light: 4/6 Kg - 15/20kg
Rx: 6/9 Kg - 25/35kg
Adv: 9/14 Kg - 30/43kg


Skill/Strength: Back Squat
15' to find 3RM of a day

Death by reps

Light: 4/6 Kg
Rx: 6/9 Kg
Adv: 9/14 Kg

Cash Out - Coaches choice

by Michal


Week 1: Technique + accessory strength

Bar muscle up progression 1: 

Perform each progression in singles for a more consistent/balanced first kip

Practice your chin-to-bar pull ups, chest-to-bar pull ups, and then your belly- or hip-to- bar pull ups to get the height required to clear the bar.

Accumulate: (take your time to perform perfect reps)
20 V-ups
40 shoulder touches in handstand against the wall
20 strict pullups 

MetCon: For time (15’ TC)

with a partner complete
25 burpee CTB pullups
75 HSPU *everytime you break do 5 TTB

Light: burpee jumping pullups - 100 shoulder taps - knee raises
Adv: burpee MUs