Dear Members,

I still can hear the sound of the PR Bell in my ears. It was wonderful to see you all with big smile on your faces. Seems like you enjoyed Cycle 2 and gave yourselves some early Christmas presents.

But as you know, that’s just the beginning. Cycle 3 starts on Monday and we got some new stimulus waiting for you. You will still build your basic strengths, but the conditioning part will challenge you and make you go futher than ever before. A healthy dose of long and short WOD’s will keep your body guessing, what’s going on ?

There will be NO Test Week or Re-Test Week this time. So if you want to know what awaits you, then don’t forget to book your classes early

As the year comes to an end, i would like you all to continue striving and progressing. There’s no better gift to yourselves than health.

Honesty. Commitment. Persistence.

Coach Louie