Dear Members!

Another great Cycle has come to an end and we hope you could improve your numbers and times during the past weeks and months. Starting June 04, 2018 a new Cycle with new movements awaits you.

What are they you ask ? Well .. let’s get you excited about:

Box Squats

Clean Complex

Sumo Deadlift

Snatch Complex

Bench Press

Yes! you read it right, Bench Press! New to the Regionals this year and you guys can do it in your regular classes already! What about the MetCons? High skilled and heavy on some days. "Grippy" and challenging some times, but at the end of the day, they will leave you happy and satisfied.

During the first week of the new Cycle, we will again have a Test Week so you can have your numbers to work with during the upcoming weeks. So write them down or log your scores in our app to properly track your progress.

Don’t forget; there are only two things you can control: your attitude and your work ethic.

Your ZNC and CFD Coaches.