Dear Members,

Throughout March we continue with the Open Cycle, where the goal is to not only perform well each week on the Open workout, but also to sustain and even continue to improve our fitness. Here’s a quick overview, on how we will do the programming.

Strength and Weightlifting:

Strength and weightlifting in the Open Cycle are very standard, traditional lifts. The purpose is to move through full quality range of motion while still allowing you to move heavy weight and sustain the strength you’ve built over the last few cycles. Prioritize quality movement first. Additionally, one lifting day will be EMOMs at 80% or less. 80% is the sweet spot between speed and speed strength, so everyone lifts need to be fast and crisp. Do not exceed the prescribed percentages regardless of how you’re feeling.


Basic, classic CrossFit. Most of the movements are the same movements we expect to see in the Open without too many outside-the-box movements. Reps, loading, etc., are designed to allow you to move continuously throughout conditioning and interval pieces. NOTE: The warm up we write for Friday will be a primer for the class WOD, obviously not the Open workout. We recommend modifying the Primer to match the Open workout in a similar manner. Again, the purpose of the primer is for athletes to get their first heart rate spike out of the way in a warm up and not in round 1 or 2 of the Open WOD.


Extra work this cycle will focus on basic conditioning and fundamental gymnastics work. Scale however you see fit to allow full range of motion while maintaining quality positioning. Simple. These extra pieces are made for all 60’ classes. If the conditioning Part is rather short, then they will be included during lunch classes too. Coach of the day will decide.

Additionally, the final week this month is Post Open Cycle, Week 1. This week is meant to be a fun deload/de-stress week with partner workouts. They are meant to keep the intensity up, but keep it light and fun.

Good Luck guys and see you around.

Coach Louie