Skill/Strength: turkish get up
ramp up as heavy as possible maintaining form and control
Adv: try with barbel

Conditioning: you go I go, 5 rounds each (20' TC)
10 KB sumo highpulls
10 KB goblet squats
5/5 KB push press

Light: 8/12kg
RX: 16/24kg
Adv: 20/32kg


Skill/Strength: 3-pos power clean
find a heavy complex. Start at the
power position, then mid-thigh,
then from ground, power clean.

Conditioning: 10RFT (TC: 12')

10" front rack hold
10 front rack lunges
10 push jerks
10" front rack hold

Light: 15/20kg - push press
RX: 20/35kg
Adv: 35/50kg

by Louie


5x4 front squat@85%
7x2 power cleans (singles)

accessory: 3x10/10 single leg RDLs
3x 1minute double KB/DB overhead walk