Dear Members,

With February comes the official start of the CrossFit Games season. The Open (details on CFD/ZNC Open hours and registration) is an awesome opportunity to test you in a really cool, unique environment where adrenaline can make anything happen and regardless of competitive aspirations. Each ‘Day 5’ will consist of a regularly programmed workout as well as an option to perform the Open workout for that respective week. Few need more than one workout per day, but it’s the season for fitness. Additionally, once a week of this month will consist of a partner workout. Partner up with new members or members you don’t always interact with. Get to know them better. Partner workouts can be deceiving because it tends to make you push harder, so be aware of this when scaling or partnering up.

Tip of the Month: The Primer

A primer is meant to be done as a “heart rate spike” before attacking a workout for real. The primer is typically done AFTER a general warm up and mobility, and matches the movement patterns (or movements exactly) seen in the actual workout. The purpose is to make athletes go HARD before the actual workout because no one like to feel their heart in their throat 2 minutes into a 20 minute workout. In general, shorter workouts require shorter, faster primers. Longer workouts should have primers that get athletes sweating. Here’s an example of how you can use this during the Open any time.


3 Rounds

15 Thrusters 30/43kg

15 Pull Ups

15 Bar Facing Burpees

 Sample Primer

AMRAP 2 Minutes

12 Bar Facing Burpees

10 Thrusters 35/52kg

Max Calorie Row in Remaining Time

As you can see, the movements are very similar in the primer to the workout. Although there are no pull ups, rowing hard will warm up the pulling muscles without risking reduction in pull up capacity. The thrusters are slightly heavier to make the bar feel lighter afterwards. After the primer is done, you will rest and let your heart rate settle back to normal-ish, but not long enough to cool down. Then hit the workout hard.

Here’s my personal take on why you should join the OPEN’s :

  • Uncover your weaknesses

  • Connect with the worlwide crossfit community

  • Because you might surprise yourself

  • Train your competitive spirit

  • Learn first hand just how good the top athletes actually are

  • Recontextualise tough movements

  • It is suitable for all fitness levels


With that being sad, i want to wish you all a successful open season.

Coach Louie

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