CrossFit / CrossFit Express

Front Squat 4x3
Rest as needed

Scaled: ramp up
Rx: @87.5%
4 Rounds (TC: 14')
15 Power Snatch
12/15 Calorie Row

Scaled: 15/20kg
Rx: 20/35kg

Every 3 Minutes for 9 Minutes
1 Max Set of Ring Muscle Ups


Kipping technique

Kipping Pull-up, Butterfly, TTB, MU

Each athlete perform 5 Skin the cat.
In teams of 2
(TC 14') Complete
*one work at a time

40 DB Snatches
40 Box step ups (Adv: Weighted with DB)
40 Renegade row (20 per arm)
40 DB Snatches
40 Box step ups
40 Renegade row
40 DB Snatches

*remaining time both wall-sit, each holding one DB.
Gymnastics/Block 2/W4

Work on kipping and high skilled elements C2
> improve kipping/high skill standards
> strict movements incorporated
> mix of Pulling and Pushing Strength