Dear Members,

Good news, this entire month of programming is one complete Cycle! Beginning April 1st, our Post Open Cycle is in effect and will run for 5 weeks. You should be coming off a de-load week where most of your workouts were meant to be fun partner-style workouts to decompress from the stress of the Open, but now it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

With the new changes to our sport and the next Open occurring in October, there will only be 1 Post Open Cycle this year. Following this cycle, we will immediately start Cycle 1 where we break things way down to the foundational level. The Post Open Cycle is designed to give you the opportunity to really break down your movements and start to address some of the things that were identified in the Open as weak points in your game. For those who are not overly concerned about their performance, now is a great time to break movements down and get you closer to performing most movements as prescribed so you can hit the ground running on May 6th.

Strength and Weightlifting: Strength and weightlifting in the Post Open Cycle will primarily be the fundamental lifts. We are bringing back the “Zero Bounce Deadlift” where we expect you to lower the weight under control each rep, only kissing the ground. We will be alternating between power clean and jerk and power snatching each week at slightly higher than normal rep ranges, and will also be alternating between squat cleaning and squat snatching. You’ll notice the percentages remain around 70-80% throughout the cycle - this will give us coaches a chance to break the movement down however we see fit to address common faults amongst our members.

Conditioning/Bodybuilding: One feature of the Post Open Cycle is that once a week, your second piece will be a Bodybuilding day. It’s purpose is a combination of de-load, improving smaller muscle/tendon/ligament strength, and simply working on things that typically don’t get programmed the rest of the year. It’s also a fun way to build camaraderie and just have fun. Open the bay doors and get your swole on.

Extra: Extra work this cycle will be a mostly gymnastics combined with a mono-mono-structural element designed to make the gymnastics a little more challenging. We want you to focus on moving WELL under fatigue, so if that isn’t happening, we’ll make modifications.

The Opens is over but remember; We’re miles ahead of where we started last year. This is not the finish - it’s the new starting line.

Time to start your Super Saiyan Training!

Coach Louie