Dear Members,

Cycle 1 will consist of a test week, 5 training weeks, and then a re-test week where you will be able to see your progress. This cycle is all about coaching you through the bare bones fundamentals of strength and conditioning. Squatting, pulling, and pressing will make up the bulk of your strength work, while olympic lifting will be primarily positional work. Many of the Extras and Conditioning pieces will be very basic sprints or long pieces designed to build a base of fitness that can be built upon in upcoming cycles. For you „competitors“, this is the cycle to take a step back and refine movement patterns to perfection. As coaches, we won’t be afraid to make you take weight off the bar or work on positional stuff. For the „weekend warrior“,  we will help you establish great habits and movement patterns and your fitness will follow in tow.

Strength and Weightlifting: Like we mentioned above, athletes will squat, pull, press, and perform positional olympic weightlifting work. One thing that’s unique about cycle 1 is that athletes will squat twice a week. Monitoring volume and how you are feeling will be important. Although the squat program is wickedly effective, it can take its toll if recovery isn’t adhered to. For the weightlifting, if you’re unfamiliar with the nomenclature and positions we talk about, head over to our YouTube channel HERE and search for ‘hang snatch’ or ‘hang clean’. Again, this is the time of year to make you move perfectly and help you set your egos to the side.

Conditioning: Cycle 1 conditioning is about sustaining our sport-specific conditioning. Translation: classic CrossFit. We encourage you to pick micro-goals within each workout and attack them rather than seeking the best overall score or time.

Extra: Most of the extra work this cycle is time-based conditioning or fundamental gymnastics. With the gymnastics, be prepared to scale high level movements or have teaching progressions so that athletes who cannot perform the piece as written can still progress toward the movement.

Whether you knew it or not, our goal has always been to create a great community with our members. We believe in building a community of like-minded people - a community that puts their nose to the grind-stone every day, that doesn't shy away from the things that scare the shit out of them, and that doesn't care what the status quo says. We believe that in coaching and training, much like life, you get exactly what you give; no more, no less.

Coach Louie