CrossFit / CrossFit Express

Pause Power Position Clean Warm Up
*pause for 2sec at the power position (high hang)

Scaled: ramp up
Rx: 4x3 @ 40-60% 1RM

Hang Clean (above knee)
Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes
3 Reps
*jerk the last rep

Scaled: ramp up
Rx: @70%+
AMRAP 12 Minutes
Run 200m
24 Air Squats
12 Toes to Bar

Scaled: knee raises

For Time
3 Rounds
30 Push Ups
Rest 3:00 between sets


In Teams of 2
(TC 25')

Buy-in 500 DU/1000 SU (Athletes can work at the same time)

I go - You go (full round)
10 Rounds (per team)

10 WBS
5 Push ups
10 Sit-ups
5 Burpees

Buy-out 500 DU/1000 SU

Gymnastics/Handstand Focus/W3

Work on getting your first steps on your hands
> improve balance and movement
> strict movements incorporated
> get comfortable being upside down