CrossFit / CrossFit Express

Find 3RM Strict Press
For Time
50 DB Thrusters
30/50 Calories on AB/row/ski/bike

Scaled: 7/10kg
Rx: 15/22,5kg

AMRAP :90 x 3
Rest 2:00
Max Rep Sandbag Hug Squats


Battle field (Teams of 4)
3 Pers. are working, 1 rest
(5 min per Field)

Field 1:
Sumo KB DL (1 heavy KB)
KB Swing

Field 2:
Jumpe rope (SU) (Adv.DU)
Wall Ball
KB Swing

Field 3:
Push up
Jump Squats
KB Swing

Field 4:
Russian Twist (no weight)
KB Swing

Field 5:
Assult Bike
Wall Walk
KB Swing

Field 6:
Shuffle Sprints
DB Push press
KB Swings

* Each team is counting, how many KB Swings they complete in 5 min.
Total score is the total amount of KB Swings in all Fields.

** Team A starts in field 1 -> after 5min moving to field 2 -> then to field 3.....
Team B starts in field 2 -> after 5min moving to field 3 -> then to field 4....

*** Number of fields can vary, depends on how many athletes are in a class.

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